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People make the difference

We recognize our team members as our most valuable asset. We invest significant effort in supporting their growth within our organization, assessing not only their technical skills, but also their ability to collaborate and maintain professionalism. We believe that people are essential for achieving long-term success and creating value.

Our values

They are the foundations of everything we do, our values drive us forward every day, guiding the way to build the company we want to be.


We work in a committed way with our partners and our team. We believe that shared knowledge and learning are necessary catalysts for co-creating, growing, and evolving


At ioBuilders, we are constantly searching for a better solution. We ask ourselves questions constantly, we are curious and restless, and we do everything possible to generate a positive impact.


We are clear and honest, both with our clients and our team. We believe in long-lasting relationships based on trust.


Our personality is shaped by the way we live our values everyday, a direct reflection of our values in action.


Our personality

The success is always shared

We work as a team. We achieve higher goals by working together and building together. We contribute our knowledge to others, but also learn from everything and everyone.

We are driven by curiosity

We are curious. We constantly ask ourselves questions because we seek continuous improvement through the spirit of intellectual restlessness. We don't take anything for granted, we have a passion for what we do, and we never stop learning.

Integrity as our banner

We are honest. We believe in respect, transparency, and raising our hand when something escapes us. We are sincere with the team and the client, offering transparency about our work and our knowledge.

The client comes first

We are committed. To the projects, the clients, and our team. We take care of the alliances with our partners and understand businesses from their roots to come up with honest solutions and offer the client what they need, no more and no less.

We are not afraid to fall

Feedback, welcome. We are not afraid to fail, our nonconformity in the search for new solutions makes us constantly try things even knowing that sometimes they will not work. We learn from every mistake and do not hide our failures. They make us stronger

We look with an atypical approach

We are restless and nonconformist. We approach projects by breaking with established paradigms and seeking new paths, technologies, and resources. We are passionate about searching for alternative ways in the pursuit of better solutions.

We simplify the complex

We are clear and didactic. We simplify problems with enthusiasm by bringing our ideas and solutions down to earth to be aligned with both the client and our team. We seek simplicity and communication on an equal footing.

We learn and share

We live our work, our progress, and our learning with enthusiasm. We share what we know in a didactic way, and we are open to others sharing with us. We want to improve, evolve, and grow.

Technology as a tool

We are experts in DLT, but we use it as a tool at the service of business and the traditional market. We use technology as a tool to achieve better results, optimize processes, and build products, always with a business vision.

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