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  • Financing

    Regulated Tokenized Corporate Bond for BME

    Bolsas Mercados Españoles (BME), a company of the SIX Group, is the operator of all the stock markets and financial systems in Spain.

  • Capital Market

    Real Estate Tokenization Platform for OpenBrick

    A regulated platform to boost global real estate investments with the power of tokenization with the vision of ushering-in an era of cost-efficiency, product innovation and greater liquidity.

  • Financing

    Syndicated Loans Tokenization using Blockchain (Proof of Concept) for A Multinational Financial Services Industry Leader

    A multinational financial services industry leader. It is one of the largest financial institutions in the world, and is present mainly in Spain, South America, Turkey, Italy and Romania.

  • NFT's

    Revolutionizing Fan Engagement: Exclusive Experiences Through NFT Strategy for An Entertainment Industry Leader

    A pioneer in the entertainment sector, specializing in character-based storytelling across multiple platforms with a diverse portfolio in film, television, digital media, and merchandise.

  • Deep tech & Innovation

    Simplifying Stablecoin Issuance and Management: The Stablecoin Studio for Hedera

    Hedera is a decentralized, open-source, proof-of-stake public ledger governed by a collusion-resistant, decentralized council of leading enterprises, universities, and web3 projects from around the world.



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