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blockchain products for the real world
A venture builder for blockchain-enabled businesses

Commemorating 50 years from mankind's greatest step


Blockchain beyond the hype

Blockchain is raising huge interest in the corporate and institutional world, as it has proved that it can solve real problems, leading to unprecedent efficiency and transparency in many processes. But at the same time it needs to become more than a buzzword, to create real use cases where it can deliver true value. Companies and institutions need help with integration, technology development, and understanding the legal frameworks and risks. Our vision is to go beyond the hype, using blockchain where it can bring diferencial benefits, and making it attainable for institutions and corporations


A blockchain venture building company

ioBuilders is a venture builder company for blockchain-enabled businesses. We are not a fund, an incubator nor a consultancy company, but a builder of sound business products. With a team combining enterprise architects, blockchain specialists and legal experts, we partner with established corporates, institutions and regulators to create new businesses in which blockchain can make a meaningful impact.



What we bring to the table

Our focus is on B2B enterprise-grade business opportunities where blockchain can provide real value while keeping within existing regulatory frameworks. We are mainly focused in the financial, legal and corporate sectors, where our expertise reside and where we see blockchain technology can bring the most value.

World class technical team

World class technical team

Carefully selected among the best developers in the european financial and blockchain fields, our team is a reference in the blockchain space, core participants in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Alastria, and the LacChain.

Experience building businesses

Experience building businesses

Our leading business, legal and product figures are the perfect combination for the creation of value-driven ventures that cater real market needs and keep absolute compliance with the changing regulations.

Corporate and institutional relationships

Corporate and institutional relationships

ioBuilders board of directors is composed of key trusted figures in the Spanish/European banking and legal sectors, and the company has strategic relationships with some of the most prominent entities in the space.

Access to licenses

Access to licenses

Investors and strategic partners allows access to key licences - such as the European Electronic Money Licence - to work always under the european regulatory frameworks.


Powerful industry leaders

ioBuilders is participated and backed by some of the leader technology solutions providers in Spain and worldwide -NTT data and Everis- , as well as some key entities and figures in the Spanish financial environment.



Our latest projects


A B2B platform to build -or integrate in- apps that operate with real fiat money on blockchain, under a regulated electronic money licence.

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A mobile app and B2B integrable solution to register anything on blockchain easily from a user’s phone.

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