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We empower next-gen businesses with enterprise grade blockchain solutions


Industry leaders already working with us


Supporting and contributing to Allfunds Blockchain, building next-generation solutions based on enterprise blockchain technology for increasing efficiency and creating new services in the fund industry. Visit website

Renta 4

Creation of a digital assets investment broker and custody platform. Working on cash accounts tokenization and management, and providing blockchain innovation strategic guidance to Renta4 innovation team. Visit website


Neutrality is a project founded by Exeleria (Everis), Bankia and Aenor. We created a platform that enables (1) the registry and certification of CO2 emission reductions projects with the subsequent issuance of digital CO2 credits on blockchain; and (2) the trade of the issued credits, including instant / atomic settlement on tokenized cash (ioCash). Visit website


Working alongside LACChain team to build a platform for Cross-border / cross-currency payments between LatAm geographies leveraging tokenized cash constructs (ioCash / EMoneyToken). Visit website


Protocol engineering and deep tech services, supporting Consensys Quorum on Hyperledger Besu and Quorum’s Roamap, and projects. Visit website


Strategic partnerships


The software engineering leader of the Ethereum space. We collaborate with them by dedicating some of our software development resources for building networks, new consensus protocols and blockchain products. Visit website


One of Consensys-funded core projects. Adhara is creating a multi-currency global liquidity management and international payments platform for the banking space. Adhara and ioBuilders are strategic partners, working together in the development of the EM-Token standard EIP. Visit website

NTT Data

The biggest japanese IT services/consultancy company and sixth largest in the world, with operations in more than 88 countries and more than a 20 billion USD in total revenue. It is considered one of the leaders between blockchain global services providers Visit website


Pegasys is one of the leading ethereum enterprise solutions companies and developers of Pantheon, one of the most promising enterprise-focus Ethereum clients in Java. As one of their close business partners, ioBuilders has been one of the first companies to put Pantheon into real world applications. Visit website


One of the most advanced Blockchain Business Cloud in the industry, providing complete enterprise blockchain solutions for today’s new digital asset and modern business networks. As partners, ioBuilders offers ioCash services in its networks, so that Kaleido clients can use fiat money on chain. Visit website


A global alliance integrated by different actors in the blockchain environment, led by the BID Lab and with the aim to develop the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. ioBuilders is one of the first partners and collaborators in the consortium and benefits from it to reach potential clients across the Atlantic. Visit website


Hedera is a public distributed ledger and governing body built from the ground-up to support new and existing applications running at web scale. Hedera is unique in that it achieves the same result as the most ubiquitous public blockchains (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum), but in a way that is faster, fairer, and more energy efficient, stable, and secure — these advantages can be attributed to the underlying hashgraph consensus algorithm and the global enterprise governing body, which owns and operates Hedera today. Visit website


Focus areas

Capital markets

Capital markets

We help capital markets in the transition to blockchain and tokenization, and enable new disruptive business cases based on the technology. We are mainly focused on the issuance and management of digital currency, digital securities (public and private) and funds, and they interoperability with current systems.

Industrial & Corp.

Industrial & Corp.

We provide complex payment solutions and blockchain integrations to the industrial and corporate space, from M2M and IOT payments, to cashpooling, settlement platforms and automated contract payments with data notarization.



We provide account-based payment solutions for fitech use cases and start-ups. We are working with B2B and B2C use cases with complez payment needs, from nobanks to investment applications, that benefit form the underlying use of blockchain technology to expand their capabilities.

Marketplaces & others

Marketplaces & others

We help traditional industries such as classifieds and travel platforms in transitioning or expanding their business models into digital marketplaces and settlement platforms, with escrow functionalities and third-party service connectivity running on decentralized ledger technology.


Powerful industry leaders


One of the most prominents private banks in Spain, Renta4 sees in blockchain technology the future of funds management and capital markets. As part of its innovation strategy it has started different lines of business with ioBuilders where blockchain can add value. Visit website


FiTalent is the investment fund of Everis group, launched in 2011. ioBuilders is invested as part of the Company Builder strategy line, which looks for disruptive technology based start-ups, with a high potential growth in the short / medium term. Visit website


SEFIDE is one of the very few Electronic Money Entities authorized by the Bank of Spain (August 19, 2014) to resolve payments with digital money and a leader in the sector, being the main strategic partner for the introduction of Alipay in Europe. Visit website


Presence & Contributions


Alastria is a non-profit organisation that promotes the development of blockchain technology as a means to enhance the digital digital economy. The primary objective of Alastria is to promote the implementation of real and operative blockchain networks, in compliance with EU regulations, open and inclusive for all types of companies and institutions. ioBuilder s assumed a critical leading role in the creation of the first versions of the network (based on Quorum) and continues to be one of the core advisors and contributors to the project. Visit website


Similarly to Alastria, different institutions in latin america have come together to build a permissioned network where they can deploy their new blockchain solutions in compliance with their country regulations. ioBuilders has an importance presence in the and aims to lead the technical team for the creation of the network. Visit website

Ethereum -EIP 2020, the E-Money token standard

ioBuilders, along with Adhara, are the proposers of the EIP-2020, a proposed standard for e-money, bank and central bank money issued tokens, that enables the use of real fiat money on blockchain. The token standard includes multiple extended functionalities commonly used in finance, such as holds (EIP-1996) , clearance (EIP-2018), detailed compliance (EIP-2009), funding orders (EIP-2019), and payout orders (EIP-2021). More information about it here. Visit website

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

ioBuilders is one of the organizational members of the EEA, the leading enterprise organisation in the Ethereum ecosystem, developing specifications that foster blockchain interoperability between businesses and consumers worlwide, and driving adoptance of Ethereum technology as an open standard in the enterprise world. Visit website

Token Taxonomy Initiative

ioBuilders is one of the first collaborators of the TTI. The TTI creates token standards for decentralized networks. ioBuilders has included the ERC-2020 EMoney Toekn Standard in the initiative as a reference token for the use of regulated fiat money on blockchain. Visit website

Hyperledger Besu

Former Pantheon, developed by Pegasys. ioBuilders is one of the first collaborators and committers of this Ethereum client, that is positioning itself as a leading reference for public and private permissioned networks. Visit website

Consensys Quorum

In a similar way as with Hyperledger Besu, thanks to the expertise in consortiums and network blueprinting inside ioBuilders, we have collaborated with Quorum and help them reach a resilient Ethereum client. Visit website


Eventeum is an Ethereum event listener that bridges smart contract events and backend microservices. It is one of the most widely used open source tools in ethereum projects. ioBuilders is a supporter and contributor for the tool, helping to make it better and more reliable for enterprise use. Visit website


The E-Money Token Standard ERC-2020 ellaborated by ioBuilders and Adhara appeared in the prestigious ITU-T Technical Report as one of the most relevant financial use cases for blockchain technology worldwide. See report

InterWork Alliance

The InterWork Alliance empowers all organizations to adopt and use token-powered services in their day-to-day operations, across use cases and networks, bringing inclusivity to globally distributed applications. As ioBuilders, we collaborate in two different work groups inside IWA, one regarding smart contracts security and the other one for creating a sustainable tokens standard. Visit website


Contributions to the EIP-1440 - Security Token Standard. Visit website

Open source toolset

Creation of open source toolset, including npm tools for obtaining smart contracts transaction error reasons, or truffle contract size checks. Visit website

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