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#Project pipeline

Our working model

ioBuilders follows a thorughout process for the creation of any venture, what we call an ideas funnel. The process involves 4 stages and after each of them the project is runned through the investment committee for approval to advance to the next stage. The main processes are

Idea generation and evaluation: Usually ideas and opportunities come as a direct necessity or proposal from the market transmitted to the board, so the market potential is already there. We receive also proposals from external companies and entrepreneurs for joint ventures. In this stage ideas are selected and analized by their business potential and potential impact.

Minimum Viable Product: In this phase a functional prototype is built and tested with real clients to get initial market feedback, along with the preparation of a detailed product plan.

Real pilot: A beta product is finalised internally and real market tests are carried on to analise market reaction and business potential. After analysis, a detailed rollout is elaborated and the project is presented to investors and partners for an A funding round.

Dedicated venture: In this final phase, the project becomes an independent venture and goes to market with a dedicated management and operations team and appropriate resources. Only projects with a qualified partner and investor support achieve this state.



Fiat money on blockchain.

IoCash is the world´s first B2B platform that makes it possible to operate with traditional money directly on blockchain. With ioCash, businesses can build applications in which final users -people or corporations- can have accounts with a traditional banking IBAN number and a linked ethereum DLT address, being able to operate seamlessly between the traditional banking system and blockchain using fiat money for blockchain transactions in a regulated way.



Register anything on blockchain easily

Khipus is a tool to certify documents and images easily by registering them in the blockchain. Users can use their phone to register any document in their blockchain of choice, so that it can serve as future proof to third parties if needed. Khipus registration service is also integrable in third party apps, so other businesses can provide blockchain registration services to their users.



Making legal agreements secure, easy and fast

ioLegal is a Smart Legal Contracts platform that allows users to easily create smart contracts that can trigger payments between two parties upon certain conditions, such as the signature of an agreement. The platform solves the counterparty risk in agreements, reducing uncertainty and doubt, and increasing conflict resolution speed. ioLegal can be used as a whitelabel solution to easily integrate into websites and apps, letting clients create their own smart legal contracts platform to offer to their users.


A digital securities platform solution

ioSecurities is an end-to-end whitelabel solution for the issuance and management of digital securities. It brings blockchain technology into traditional markets and opens completely new business opportunities. It focuses on being adaptable to the current regulatory frameworks of the different countries and integrating with the current technology systems and protocols (SWIFT, T2S, etc). With ioSecurities, the whole securities lifecycle -including trading- can now take place on- chain.


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