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We create solutions that provide real business value

ioBuilders is a solution oriented company. We develop software tools that can be adapted to client needs, in a SaaS + project model. We build enterprise grade, fully regulatory-compliant solutions that provide real business value.



We build proprietary technological solutions for the tokenization and management of digital assets and currencies and adapt them to adequate to clients’ specific needs.


Digital Assets Tech Stack

DATS is a modular technology solution for the issuance, management and trading of digital assets. It counts with native connectivity to Digital Currencies for Delivery Versus Payment scenarios. DATS suite is formed by three core modules:

DATS Issuance

It provides digital assets issuance and lifecycle management tools from a single API integration: tokenization and detokenization, configuration of the specs of the asset and all the lifecycle phases such as maturity, coupons, etc.

Target clients: Issuers, CSDs, funds, and any projects with asset tokenization.

dats inssurance
dats market

DATS Market

It provides all the required tools and resources to create a market, list digital assets on it, do orders matching, clearing and settlement. It can be configured to work with our own solution of digital currency or with other traditional payment methods.

Target clients:Regulated exchanges, marketplaces of digital assets, etc.

DATS Broker

It allows you to connect your application with different digital exchanges and regulated custodian services through a single API integration, providing a single point of management and added value features.

Target clients:Financial institutions, institutional investors, fintech platforms, custodians, exchanges, etc.

dats broker


Digital Currency Tech Stack

DCTS connects core banking systems with blockchain, digitalizing accounts and tokenizing balances, enabling the use of regulated digital money on-chain. It provides the possibility of integration via APIs or via smart contracts.


DCTS Payments (ioCash)

Fintech-as-a-Service platform already working under a European Electronic Money license that enables blockchain projects to open regulated tokenized cash accounts with an IBAN and operate payments with electronic money on blockchain. Powered by ioCash

Target clients:Fintech platforms, businesses with complex payment needs, blockchain companies, marketplaces, contract payments, escrows.

dats inssurance
dats market

DCTS Technology suite

Technology suite for the issuance and management of regulated digital currencies that provides licensed banks and institutions capabilities to issue tokenized money, perform blockchain-based payments, manage accounts and movements, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Target clients:Financial institutions, EDEs, commercial banks, central banks


Plug-ins and demo apps

We also create smaller user-oriented applications and plug-ins to showcase our solutions and provide direct value to clients.


Register anything on blockchain easily

Khipus is a tool to certify documents and images easily by registering them in the blockchain. Users can use their phone to register any document in their blockchain of choice, so that it can serve as future proof to third parties if needed. Khipus registration service is also integrable in third party apps, so other businesses can provide blockchain registration services to their users.

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Regulated fiat wallet in blockchain

Ourion is a demo app to showcase our DCTS payments (ioCash) solution.

It allows users to open accounts linked with an Ethereum address and an IBAN to operate with regulated fiat money on blockchain. You can (1) insert money via SEPA transfer or credit card, (2) send P2P transfers to other Ourion users, (3) withdraw money to any external bank account using SEPA.

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Making legal agreements secure, easy and fast

ioLegal is a Smart Legal Contracts platform that allows users to easily create smart contracts that can trigger payments between two parties upon certain conditions, such as the signature of an agreement. The platform solves the counterparty risk in agreements, reducing uncertainty and doubt, and increasing conflict resolution speed. ioLegal can be used as a whitelabel solution to easily integrate into websites and apps, letting clients create their own smart legal contracts platform to offer to their users.


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