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Your sherpa to enterprise blockchain adoption

At ioBuilders we believe that blockchain is here to change the world- specially the corporate and financial landscape- but the road to real adoption is full of technical and regulatory challenges. Our goal is to guide corporations and institutions in their road to blockchain adoption, helping them to understand the technology and working with them to find the solution that adapts to their needs, from technological, business and legal perspectives.


Our Services

    Enterprise blockchain guidance

    Do you need to adopt enterprise-grade blockchain in your company?

    We provide guidance services for businesses that want to adopt enterprise blockchain in their processes.

    (1) Enterprise blockchain strategic and technical guidance (2) Regulatory blueprint for business and consortiums; (3) Enterprise technology stack; (4) Blockchain network design, installation and management.

    Blockchain product building

    Are you thinking of building a new product or business use case using blockchain technology?

    It doesn´t matter if you are a startup launching your first product or a corporation looking to branch out, we help you with everything from idea validation, to going all the way and launching your first product together. We follow design thinking and agile methodologies to ensure the product is built together and in meaningful phases.

    Custom payments workflows

    Do you need to streamline your financial payments workflows?

    We analyze your business processes and provide custom financial and payment workflows solutions and implementation, adapted to your business needs.

    Our payment solutions work both with or without blockchain implementation in your company.



Areas of expertise

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Digital assets/securities

Integrating our DATS solution into different financial applications. We have already worked on projects of tokenization of public and private securities, funds, CO2 credits and settlement orders.

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Tokenization of electronic money, commercial and central bank money. We are experts in all the technical, legal and business aspects that need to be taken into consideration for building CBDCs.

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Settlement platforms

Configurable payment settlements with complex business logic and order-payment conciliation. Deliver Versus Payment in digital assets.

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Enterprise network blueprinting

Assessing and deploying the enterprise-grade network infrastructure that best adapts to the technical, legal, and security requirements of the business.

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Corporate debt

Understanding the process and cutting inefficiencies in the different parts of the lifecycle of bonds and syndicated loans, thanks to notarization, tokenization and DVP.

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Smart escrow payments

Escrow payments and complex logic programmable escrows are able to interact with other systems, smart contracts, and oracles.

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Smart legal contracts & notarization

Building smart legal contracts in blockchain to limit defaults and disputes and notarizing data for proof of ownership and traceability.

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Consortium networks

Creating the legal, contractual and technological blueprinting for consortium operated blockchains, such as Alastria and LACChain


Our working model

We are your business blockchain sherpas, working with you in all areas from the start of the project and continuing to support you as you move into production and beyond. Our team will conduct deep research and exploration for the optimal technical solution to your business case even if it is outside of our current building blocks, and leverage our business network to support your success. We partner with you across all areas and accompany in every step of the way to help your project and your business succeed.

Understand We work with you to understand your business case and evaluate if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we analyze your business flows and logics in detail, to work in the solution design.

360 design: We define the business case solution from the product, business, and regulatory perspectives, and provide project plan validation. Then we enter the design and prototype phase working along with your team.

Implement: Our product and tech teams implement the solution in gradual sprints that provide value. A fluid development-testing-validation workflow with you is vital to assure constant delivery.

Support: After implementation, we keep by your side to ensure you succeed, providing you with training, tech and regulatory support.

360 design


Building blocks

We create building blocks that help us build a base on which to construct and adapt solutions for our clients, facilitating development work and reducing project delivery times


Issue and manage the full lifecycle of regulated digital securities on blockchain. Configure the compliance rule engine to adapt to different regulations. Interoperate with the current financial systems.



Send, receive, collect and manage payments in real euros, on blockchain. Integrate smart payments with complex logic in your business processes. Payments through the banking system or in blockchain.



Blockchain network as a service or on premise installation. Guidance for enterprise-grade blockchain networks deployment. Technical and legal blueprints for network creation and governance.



Notarize and timestamp data on blockchain through hashing and timestamping. Integrate blockchain traceability in enterprise document workflows. Include notarization in user applications.



Access to compliance services on demand, such as phone and identify verification. Configure and run native compliance rules on your blockchain applications.

Blockchain tooling

Blockchain tooling

Blockchain toolset for the enterprise. Includes blockchain event listeners and event filtering, transaction signing, keys management and more.

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