Our first month: Tools, languages and developments

Madrid, Spain

Friday, June 1, 2018


Time goes fast, and 5 weeks have passed since our official Team start. We don't have everybody on board but we have started with some developments. These are the tools we are using:

  • Intellij IDEA and Atom as IDE
  • Gitlab as CI. It allows us to create pipelines from day one, natively integrated in our source code. With its powerful docker based platform we are able to compile, pass specific linters, test and audit the security of our builds. Checkout out pipeline. Our vision is to have full coverage and automatically audited code, to be 100% sure that our smart contracts are safe from well known bugs and follow good practices.
  • React Native for mobile development
  • NodeJs, Java, Groovy and GO for backend development
  • Quorum as the DLT
  • Solidity 0.4.24
  • Solidity Coverage as test coverage tool
  • Truffle framework: Lifecycle for solidity.
  • Ganache: Light node of Ethereum for testing purpose.
  • Solium: Linter & security static analysis.
  • Mythril: Security analysis.

Besides this, we have used Design Sprint by Google Ventures, to discover and analize the customer journey, functional approach of our first venture and develop/test it with a prototype with real users. Hypothesis validation is on going!

Thanks for Reading! Keep Posted!!!

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.” —Marcus Garvey